Teach Gardeners


If you have experience food gardening or cooking healthy, fresh meals and you want to teach others – youth and adults – what you know, here are the volunteer opportunities we think would be the best fit for you.

Gurus and Assistant Gurus

Our Gurus and Assistant Gurus commit up to two hours once a week teaching beginner gardeners how to food garden. Gurus communicate and demonstrate basic gardening skills to beginner gardeners and, whenever possible, take advantage of teachable moments in the garden to model problem-solving and positivity.

This commitment lasts throughout a growing season (late April to mid October, weather permitting). Growing Places will provide Gurus and Assistant Gurus with training, including a handbook, and Growing Places’ Growing Guide, our instructional manual on using the square foot gardening method to grow food in raised beds. A Growing Places staff person will be present to support Gurus in the Teaching Garden.


Learn more about what it means to be a Guru:

Garden-to-Table Cooking Class Instructors

If you have a passion for nutrition or healthy cooking, share your skills with our Teaching Garden participants and the public as a Garden-to-Table Cooking Class instructor. Growing Places will be hosting Garden-to-Table classes throughout the 2016 growing season. Tie on your apron and share in the delectable garden delights.

Workshop Leaders

Some food gardening-related topics can support a whole lesson on their own – like composting or indoor seed starting. For that, we host workshops outside our standard Teaching Garden lesson schedule and invite Growing Places gardeners as well as the public to attend. If you’re passionate about a food gardening-related topic and would be comfortable presenting to up to 20 fellow gardeners, you might be a great Workshop Leader! This is typically a 1 to 2-hour commitment. A Growing Places person staff is always on hand to assist Workshop Leaders during the workshops. To learn more about workshops we’re looking to staff or to pitch a workshop idea,

Youth Grow Leaders

Inspire the next generation of veggie eaters and growers to be healthy. Our Youth Grow program teaches children where food comes from the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and how to grow food through fun hands-on activities.

For any opportunities listed above, please APPLY HERE.

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