Food Gardeners’ Gathering

We hope you enjoyed the Food Gardeners’ Gathering! As you head out into the gardens this growing season, check out some of the information below that was provided to us by this year’s workshop presenters. You’ll also find a few of our favorites from previous Gatherings.

2017 Food Gardeners’ Gathering

1. Educational Breakout: Frame Building
Instructor: Janet O’Brien, Growing Places’ Director of Program Operations
Frame Building Handout

2. Educational Breakout: State of the Gardens
Instructor: Janet O’Brien, Growing Places’ Director of Program Operations
State of the Garden Updates 

3. Cooking Demo: Roots Natural Food
Instructors: Kevin Williams, Roots Natural Food Chef
Marieke Cormier, Roots Natural Food Owner
Organic Tea Sandwiches recipe Page 1   &  Page 2

4. Cooking Demo: Comeketo Restaurant
Instructor: Rodrigo Souza, Comeketo Restaurant Owner
Brazilian Chicken Salad Recipe

5. Cooking Demo: Fitchburg Nursing Association
Instructors: Fitchburg State University Nursing Students
Haitian Legume and Rice Recipe


2016 Food Gardeners’ Gathering

1. Workshop: Garden Planning 101
Instructor: Cynthia Espinosa Marrero, Growing Places’ Community Education Manager
Presentation Slides

2. Workshop: Start ’em Early, A workshop on seed starting
Instructor: Sydney Foster, Growing Places’ former Intern
Seed Starting Handout

3. Workshop: Garden Hacks Show and Tell
Instructors: Joanne Foster, Growing Places’ Executive Director
Alix Turner, Lancaster Senior Center
Presentation Slides


2015 Food Gardeners’ Gathering

1.Workshop: Practical Pest Management
Instructors: Gaynor Bigelbach, Growing Places Volunteer
Connie Grabowy, Growing Places Volunteer
Presentation Notes

2. Workshop: Let’s Rot ‘n’ Roll: Composting 101
Instructor: Chris Picone, Fitchburg State University Biology Professor
Let’s Rot and Roll PowerPoint Presentation
Book referenced: Backyard Composting: Your Complete Guide to Recycling Yard Clippings. Ojai, CA: Harmonious, 1992. Print. 
Also recommended reading: Martin, Deborah L., and Grace Gershuny, eds. The Rodale Book of Composting. Emmaus, PA: Rodale, 1992. Print.
(Both books are currently out of print, but available at Leominster and Fitchburg Public Libraries, or for sale used online.)
Growing Places’ Composting Cheat Sheet

3. Workshop: Build-a-Bed, Accessible Raised Bed Demonstration
Instructor: Janet O’Brien, Growing Places Director of Program Operations
Original Accessible Raised Bed Plans
Cost Estimate (3-7-15)
Raised Bed Garden Math (PDF)
Raised Bed Garden Plan Ideas
Raised Bed Garden Methods
Tips for Gardening with Children (PDF)
Lasagna Gardening (PDF)
Building Raised Bed Frames (PDF)
Vegetable Gardening Book List and Website Resources (PDF)

4.Workshop: Happy Garden, Healthy Food Cooking Demonstrations
Instructors: Kim Thomas, Growing Places Volunteer and Convenient Cuisine Catering Owner
Norma Chanis, Growing Places Volunteer and Mass Local Food Board Member
Recipes excerpted from Dig In, Growing Places’ recipe book available for purchase here.


2014 Food Gardeners’ Gathering

1. Workshop: Organic Pest Management
Instructor: Francey Slater, Mill City Grows, Lowell, MA
Good Bad Ugly

Compost Tea:
MCG Organic Pest Management Handouts Gardeners Gathering 2014

2. Workshop: Seed Saving
Instructor: Enid and Kitty Smith
Concord Seed Lending Library Resource List

3. Exhibit Tables
Growing Places Garden Project: Mentor Application (PDF);
How to Volunteer(PDF)
Seed Swap: Share Some, Sow Some, hosted by Growing Places Estimating Seed Viability (PDF)