Thank you to all the individuals and groups who have given their time and talent to help Growing Places achieve their mission since GP’s inception in 2001!

Below are listed those who helped install gardens, build frames, stuff envelopes, sort seeds and seedlings, and more in the past year. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!

Tracy Adams

Kate Adams

Jianna Alford

Cerise Anderson

Kyle Andrejczyk

Alicia Bates

Susan Berkowitz

Tom Bessette

Owen Bigelbach

Roger Boisvert

Lusheika Boria

Noah Brand

Alexis Cambra

Barbara Cappalletti

Chris Castro

Rich Chown

Win Clark

Syeira Clark

Amber Cloutier

Lisa Coleman

Keith Conant

Alejandra Contreras

Karlene Cudak

Louisa Dell’Amico

Joseph DiRusso

Sherry Divoll

Katherine Domenicnella

Carrie Duff

Philip M. Duffy

Thea Eiland

DeAnna Ekeh

Pauline Fagan

Tiffany Featherstone

Rosa Fernandez

Chris Fish

Anders Fish

Donna Foley

June Fors

Lisa Fuller

Brett Gionet

Siah Gonsalves

Connie Grabowy

Julie Grady-Pulnik

Kim Gravelle

Jeff Gravelle

Nathan Gravelle

Aerevyn Harteis

Adele Hausman

Eileen Hernandez

Mike Janusis

Crystal Johnson

Kelly Johnson

Martha Kaulback

Janice Kennedy

Laura Kilkenny

Aidan Kupstes

Ida Kymalainen

Erica Lacoy

Edward Landa

Sebrena LeBlanc

Michael Leclair

Erika Lynde-McDonough

Donna Mackie

Hannah Mackie

Charlie Madden

Elizabeth Malone

Michael Manhardt

Mary Marotta

Karla Martines

Maria McCaffrey

Lavina McReynolds

Nicole Melone

Rose Meyer

Robert Moore

Karola Morataya

Tim Morse

Heather Munkacsy

Camilo Neves

Carrie Novak

Ford Ogden

Bea Ogden

Shea Oldham

Fernanda Palma

Allison Paquette

Lori Parker

Pat Parker

Dawn Pavone

Chris & Meghan Picone

Maria Quinteros

Fernando Ramos

Alexis Rodriguez

Gloria Rondon

Adam Rypinski

Emily Rypinski

Laurie Sabol

Stacey Sanborn

Carrie Smith

Darlene Spencer

Dana Spinney

Diane Stevens

Robin Streb

Steve Tarver

Kimberly Thomas

Jean Torres

Jenn Tuomala

Destiney Vaden

Tina Viele

Charlene Vient

Bryan Walters

Chris Walters

Nilah Warren

Brittony Wells

Heidi and Peter Wharton

Kevin Williams

Joanne Williamson

Will Wisdomgold

Nicholas Zimei

And a special thanks to those volunteers who give their time and talents to make GP run smoothly.

Website Management

David Serrano


Donna Mackie

Gaynor Bigelbach

Linda King

Graphic Design
Kate Wollensak-Freeborn