Interested in volunteering? Here are some of the ways you can pitch in.

Garden Gurus: are passionate and experienced gardeners and volunteers who works directly in the Teaching Garden with participants to teach them all aspects of food gardening. We ask that the Garden Guru commit one day a week, for up to two hours, engaging with participants in a hands-on gardening lesson and guiding them through the food gardening process. This commitment will last throughout the growing season (mid April to mid October). During the lessons, Garden Gurus will give a brief explanation and demonstration for what needs to be done in the garden that day. They will be available to respond to any questions or comments that gardeners may have during the lesson. A Growing Places staff person will be present to assist all Garden Gurus in the Teaching Garden. If interested, contact Molly@growingplaces.org or call at 978/598-3723, x 804.

Workshop Leaders: a volunteer who signs up to run a workshop on a topic that they feel knowledgeable about and comfortable presenting to the general public. The topic, of course, must be relevant to gardening and healthy eating and applicable to the work that food gardeners will be doing at that particular time in the season. Our workshops will be open to the general public with a small fee and will be free of charge for Growing Places’ Gardeners. The workshops will be held at a Teaching Garden site in Leominster or Fitchburg or in a space nearby (reserved by Growing Places). All necessary workshop materials will be supplied by Growing Places. Ideally, workshops will be offered on several Saturdays throughout the season. A Growing Places person staff will be present to assist all Workshop Leaders during workshops. If interested, contact Molly@growingplaces.org or call at 978/598-3723, x 804.

Cooking Class Leaders: a passionate, enthusiastic volunteer who likes to cook – particularly with veggies! The cooking class leaders will lead one or more “Garden-to-Kitchen” cooking demonstrations that engage Teaching Garden participants. You do not have to be a culinary expert to lead a cooking class! The goal of these classes is to expose our Teaching Garden gardeners to simple, creative and healthy ways to use the produce that they have available in the garden at that particular time. Leading a cooking class involves coming to a Sunday Teaching Garden lesson and working with participants to harvest, prepare and serve a delicious, garden-themed dish (about 1 ½ hours total). All ingredients not available the Teaching Garden and cooking supplies will be provided by Growing Places. A Growing Places staff person will be present to assist all Cooking Class Leaders in the Teaching Garden. If interested, contact Molly@growingplaces.org or call at 978/598-3723, x 804.

Newsletter Contributor: Do you like to write? Do you love gardening? If so, we need your help in developing our Growing Times newsletter which is distributed to our gardeners, volunteers and donors. We have three newsletters left to write this season and would welcome ideas about fall harvesting and storing, recipes, and cleaning up your bed.

Office Support: The office on 365 Lindell Ave, Leominster Ma is bustling with a full staff of four people! But we could always use more help with basic administrative jobs. Every other Friday we send out our newsletter and could use some help folding and labeling.

Board Members
Growing Places is looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join our Board of Trustees. In addition to traditional board skills such as finance, fund-raising, legal, communications and media, Growing Places is looking for people with a social enterprise or agricultural background, or people with connections to our community. If interested, contact Joanne@growingplaces.org.